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 Aeronike S.r.l.

Know-how, innovation and best practices in aero-photogrammetry

Aeronike is a specialized company based in Sestu (CA), Sardinia, operating since 1966 on national and international aero-photogrammetry market. In the last five years, the company was subjected to an important growth-trend in terms of achieved national and international commitments and, as a result, an increase of turnover.

The development of a multitude of new contacts and partnerships influenced in this sense positively visibility and acknowledgement of the company at national and international level which determined an increasing requests for aero-photogrammetric flights coming from Italian contracting authorities and from an American multinational company.


Helica S.r.l.

Flexibility, innovation and dialogue with the customer.

Helica operates in the field of Remote Sensing from aerial platforms, using high resolution laser scanning systems (LiDAR), digital cameras, gyro-stabilised high resolution electro-optics devices and geophysical sensors. We produce digital models of the terrain, aerial photographs, topographic and geologic maps, physical analysis of the environment and digital cartography.

With our team’s considerable experience, we can supply accurate analyses of the data we produce. This data can be integrated into a GIS (Geographic Information System) or managed using other dedicated tools to analyze ground resources, evaluate environmental impacts, hydrological risks and for the design and maintenance of civil engineering works.